Hárs Lakókert

Hárs Lakókert (Linden Mansions) offers apartments in Kecskemet close to the Arboretum, in a calm, peaceful environment. The investor aims at building modern, high-quality apartments.

While planning and designing Hárs Lakókert we were focusing on offering an adequate habitat and recreation for all age groups.



Additional details

Linden Mansions (Hárs Lakókert) is located in Kecskemét, Nyíri út 44. G, H, I – the area surrounded by Domb Supermarket, Domb and Arborétum Mansions.

Arriving from the City Centre of Kecskemét you will reach Linden Mansions through the small street starting next to Domb Supermarket. The bus stop of 14, 14D és 29 buses is located right opposite to this small road.

Linden Mansions offers great leisure opportunities, as in a few minutes walk you can reach the Arboretum and Benkó Zoltán Leisure Centre.


Kecskemét, Nyíri út 44.


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